1. Humble

They are much grounded as humans. No matter how high they score in a subject or what academic achievement they get, they never become arrogant. They possess a helping nature and thus are always ready to offer help to any other mate in any kind of problem since they imagine themselves in the position of others and empathize.

  1. Compromising

They do not persist to their parents to fulfill all their wishes and demands on time. They understand their parents’ issues and accommodate their needs and desires accordingly. They are very cooperative with every situation that life makes them face. Since they are not used to luxuries anyways, they never complain about any facility that their schools fail to provide or do not provide up to their expectations.

  1. Socialize with everyone

They do not discriminate amongst classmates while making friends. They befriend people based on their natures and characters rather than their financial backgrounds.


  1. Realistic not materialistic

The do not see things on surface level rather they feel everything deeply. Instead of daydreaming and creating fantasies in mind waiting for miracles,they believe in making thing work out themselves. They live in reality and are have a practical approach towards life. They know how difficult life is and how differentit is from what is showcased in movies. They keep themselves prepared to expect the worst outcomes from any situation but that doesn’t make them pessimistic at all. As achieving success is not as easy as it seems and one has to literally go that extra mile to reach his/her goal, being realistic they do the same.

  1. Seriousness

They are observed to be relatively more serious than other students of their age. Life has been not very kind to them so they have learned the hard way to take life very seriously if you want life to take you equally serious. They joke around with friends less and are more purposed in their lives. They cannot afford to get suspended or expelled from schools s they avid mischiefs like bunking class as much as possible. They realize the worth of every single penny their parents pay for their fees hence they want to make the best out f it.


  1. Value time

Most of them give tuitions to students to earn some money alongwith carrying out their own studies; therefore, their life is very busy and scheduled. Like other students, they do not stay back after school is over to hangout or have fun. Every second of their life is precious as time and tide wait for none.

  1. Value relations

They give importance to every relation in their lives as they realise the fact that life is much more than just having fun and that everyone plays a vital role in your life. They believe in receiving from others what they give to them. Also, their experience has taught them that money cannot buy the happiness true and sincere relations give you.

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